The future of our industry is extremely bright. As the U.S. population continues to grow older, there will be an unprecedented need for qualified caregivers who are passionate about their role in the lives of clients.

From running simple errands and helping around the house to serving as an early warning system for emerging health issues, our professionals are superbly trained and passionate about their work.

All About You Health Care Services, Inc. is one of the emerging leaders in the industry and is expanding its reach to new markets and clientele who want superior home care that is affordable and dependable.


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Employment Opportunities.

All About You Health Care Services, Inc. is always looking for career-minded individuals who want to advance their career in the growing healthcare industry.

The ideal candidate should have a positive attitude, a professional demeanor, be passionate about their work, flexible, conscientious and patient.

If you have these qualities and want to joint our team, we'd love to hear from you.

As a candidate for employment, your qualifications will be screened and confirmed. Before you become part of the All About You team, candidates must pass the following screening process:

Confirmation of licensing and certification

The certifications and licensing of all skilled positions, including RNs, LPNs, CNAs, GNAs, Medication Aides and Med. Techs are confirmed through the issuing state. Confirmation may be by phone or written request, depending upon the requirements of the individual state.

References checked

All candidates must submit two work-related references and two personal references. All references are confirmed via phone.

Skills inventory completion

Candidates must complete a skills checklist to ensure they meet the minimum skills required, including passing a competency test with a minimum 80% score.

Work experience

To be considered, the candidate must have at least one-year of relevant experience.

Background check

Candidates must agree to and pass a criminal background check to be considered for a position.

First Aid training

All candidates must have current certification in CPR and first aid.

To be considered for a staffing position with our firm, please email us or call us at 410.655.6066 or toll-free 800.839.0543.


When you engage in an a relationship with a temporary agency such as All About You Health Care Services, Inc. you have certain rights and responsibilities as determined by the State of Maryland.

Please review the document available here to see the Maryland Employment Department's information regarding this. (This document is in Word format and will download to your computer where it can be opened.)








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